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           Wolf Creek Kennel

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Here at WCK we try to train with praise, motivation and/or treats.  We will give you hand outs as you come to class, so you will be able to review what we discussed in class.

Private Classes- consist of you and the dog only.

Group lessons- consist of no more than 5 students at a time. I have found that no one enjoys down time, waiting on their turn!  I am open to working with most breed of dogs as well as with any level of dog & handler. Don't wait give us a call.

In Kennel- is when an owner does not have time to train their own canine.  I only recommend this if you have absolutely no time to train the dog yourself.

A "puppy class" will be available at a later time.  Check back with exciting details.

House training- This service is not free and we will not give advice over the phone.



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